Ubisoft’s Roller Champions Leaks Ahead of E3

Roller Champions

Ubisoft needs some Flex Tape stat! – in a month full of leaks from Breakpoint to the Ubisoft Pass,  one more has surfaced with serious credibility – a new IP known as Roller Champions.

From what we can tell this appears to be Ubisoft’s answer to Psyonix’s runaway hit Rocket League. Simple but deceptively hard to master controls – a virtual sports title easily extrapolated to eSports.

The news arrives via a Resetera thread which offers up key art, video and even a screenshot of the controls… it’s unclear where this information was sourced from but it certainly looks the part – Ubisoft logos all but confirming its credibility. 

According to the thread the game will have quick play, ranked & custom matches as well as a tournament system, and offer up the ability to modify all aspects of the arena, from the music to the crowd and sound effects (kind of like Rocket League!)

The detail is a bit absurd honestly – the poster claims that there will be two aiming modes in the game known as “Price and Flick” and that X and Y sensitivity can be altered. 

A corroborating report from SpielTimes is also available which gets into the nitty gritty – pointing out that the game will feature “two teams of five members roller skating counter-clockwise around a track” and that it is being built in Unity. 

It’s thought that we’ll hear more about Roller Champions when Ubisoft’s E3 conference rolls around – this year it’s taking place on Monday, June 10 at 9 PM UK time. We’ll keep you posted if we hear anything more.