Watch Dogs Legion leaked ahead of E3

Watch Dogs Legion Leak

A pre-E3 leak has brought the revelation that Ubisoft is developing Watch Dogs Legion.

That, it seems, is what the third installment of the French publisher’s popular action-adventure franchise will be called. The news emerged after a listing erroneously appeared on Amazon UK – which was swiftly taken down but reproduced here.

According to the deleted listing, “Watch_Dogs Legion is set in a near-future, dystopian version of London. It’s a post-Brexit world in which society, politics, and technology have changed and altered London’s fortunes. London is one of the most iconic cities in the world and has had a massive influence on all of Western Culture for centuries…”

Kotaku chipped in to confirm the Watch Dogs Legion leak, saying: “Kotaku can confirm that this one’s real, as we’ve heard the name from several sources plugged into the company.” And it seems that the game will have at least one innovative aspect – which explains its name. According to the Amazon UK leak, you can: “Play as anyone. Every individual you meet in the open world has a full set of animations, voiceover, character traits and visuals that are generated & guided by gameplay systems.”

According to VG247, Watch Dogs Legion’s development team is headed by industry veteran Clint Hocking, who directed Far Cry 2. The prospect of both a post-Brexit London backdrop and NPCs with procedurally generated back-stories that you can jump into and control is an exciting one.

Ubisoft has been plagued by pre-E3 leaks in recent years: last year, for instance, a premature Walmart Canada listing revealed the existence of Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey just before the show started.

This year, as detailed on its Twitter feed, Ubisoft’s E3 press conference will take place on June 10 at 1 pm Pacific Time, which equates to 9 pm BST. You’ll be able to stream it from Ubisoft’s YouTube channel and various other services. For further information, keep an eye on Ubisoft’s website.