E3 2019: Bethesda’s Orion Streaming Tech Can Deliver 60 FPS Doom On Mobile Devices

Orion E3

One of the most surprising elements of Bethesda’s E3 conference was Orion, the company’s streaming tech which will help gamers achieve top quality game streaming regardless of their system or location. 

A surprise of sorts – the announcement felt like a pitch to both game developers and gamers. It’s not quite a streaming service, more like a technology suite that mitigates the problems of streaming, baked in via the engine.

Representatives from both ID and Bethesda took to the stage to reveal the news, specifically making note of Project Xcloud and Google Stadia as systems that would take advantage of the technology. We’re yet to know the ins and outs of both of these services, but with the serious nature behind Orion’s reveal, it feels like they’re not just going to be a flash in the pan.
Apparently, Bethesda’s technology will result in a 20% increase per frame when streaming – and most importantly, the focus is on improving low latency and bandwidth so that players at home don’t have to worry about taking up all of the family data whilst streaming games. 

The power of Orion was displayed via an on-stage demo – an employee was seen playing 2016’s Doom on a mobile device (at 60 FPS, unbelievably!) The latency also seemed very low, as they tore through demons with a connected controller in spectacular fashion.

It was a promising look into the future of streaming tech, which proposes that we can play our games without any compromises on the go via mobile devices, regardless of our location. An impressive display of power – and a look into the future of gaming, which seems to be shifting towards a reliance on streaming at an alarming rate. 

Hopefully we’ll hear more about Orion going forward – for now, there’s Bethesda’s Slayers Club if you’d like to register for the chance to play Doom on your mobile device in 60 FPS… and who doesn’t want that!