Dr. Disrespect Banned From Twitch for E3 Livestream

Dr. Disrespect banned from twitch

Guy Beahm, otherwise known as Dr. Disrespect made headlines during the first day of E3 yesterday – though not for reasons that you might expect…

As part of his coverage of the show, Beahm decided to take part in some IRL streaming (his first attempt) which ended incredibly poorly. In case you’re out of the loop, IRL streaming is when a personality streams away from the keyboard in real life, usually with a camera operator as they attend events or engage with the public.

Beahm took this to another level at E3 when he walked into a bathroom open to the public whilst streaming.  In the background of the stream, you could see attendees puttering about, taking a leak in the urinal and reacting to his strange decision. Most distressing was the appearance of a clearly underage attendee in the background of the shot – a potentially illegal invasion of privacy performed by Beahm for internet points.

After shouting and leaving and entering the busy bathroom, Beahm proceeded to urinate whilst on stream, albeit with his camera operator behind him. A strange decision from Beahm – whilst his online personality is eccentric and high-energy, it seems like a foolish misstep to invade the privacy of civilians at a public event…

Sure enough, his account was banned from Twitch for this incident – the TOS naturally has an issue with IRL streams that invade the privacy of others – with no look to it being restored for now. Beahm recently made waves by making the provocative statement that “Mobile gamers aren’t real gamers” on Twitter, so it’s been quite the week of controversy for one of the most popular personalities on Twitch.

It looks like he won’t be allowed back into E3 today either – an ESA representative speaking to Kotaku claimed that they had revoked his E3 badge, meaning he no longer has access to the LA Convention Centre where he filmed the offending incident.