Nintendo making Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel

Zelda Breathe of the wild sequel

In its latest Nintendo Direct presentation – effectively substituting for an E3 press conference – Nintendo has revealed that it is developing a sequel to 2017’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Details of the next major Zelda game are sketchy in the extreme – we don’t yet know what it will be called, let alone when it will be released or any details about gameplay or storyline. However, Nintendo has released a First Look teaser trailer which you can enjoy below.

The teaser confirms that the net Zelda game will share Breath of the Wild’s stunning visual style. In it, you can see the game’s new iterations of both Link and Zelda exploring a cave, at times mounted on an elephant-like creature, which is likely to be beneath Hyrule Castle, since they encounter what looks like Ganondorf’s corpse.

It also shows some sort of cataclysmic eruption-style event taking place in the otherwise green and pleasant land of Hyrule, along with the presence of some form of malevolent (red) energy, without which no Zelda game would be complete.

Hopefully, Nintendo Direct presentations in the months to come will shed more light on the Breath of the Wild sequel – although we shouldn’t start holding our breath as far as a release  date announcement is concerned, given the size and ambition of the original Breath of the Wild, which arrived six years after the previous major Legend of Zelda iteration, Skyward Sword.

Your best resort for finding more about the game is to keep an eye on Nintendo’s website.