Rockstar Reveal More Details About GTA Online’s Diamond Casino

GTA Online Diamond Casino and resort

After years of anticipation, Rockstar has revealed some more small details about the casino coming to GTA Online.

Now known as “The Diamond Casino & Resort” complete with a swanky animated graphic (check out the full update here) we finally have an idea of what the complex is going to offer to players.

Data miners have perused through GTA V’s game files over the past few years stoking rumors and creating anticipation for a casino in GTA Online – it seems like a natural fit, and fans have been begging for it from the start. 

According to Rockstar, the resort’s in-game location will be “nestled between Vinewood Hills and the scenic backdrop of the Tataviam Mountains.” Touted as “the largest mass entertainment complex of its kind,” an ‘OPENING SOON’ sign was seen in game recently teasing its future release.

In terms of what players can expect from the resort when it lands in game, Rockstar notes that it will feature “lavish amenities, exclusive shopping, first-class entertainment, and state-of-the-art gaming facilities.”

Given that poker was recently added to Red Dead Online, it would make sense that Rockstar is taking some of that muscle memory and applying it to its more popular online service. Given that the release mentions “a range of sophisticated table games,” you’ll most likely be able to sit and play Blackjack, Poker and the like with your pals, but the fun won’t stop there!

The Diamond Casino & Resort will also offer valet parking and the chance to spin the “Lucky Wheel” in order to receive “life-changing prizes.” – given that it’s Rockstar we’re talking about, no doubt they’ve gone the extra mile in making this place interactive and lavish. Fans are theorizing that this update could bring horses to the game, alluding to the horse racing track at the back of the venue. 

In any case, we’re sure to hear more soon. Rockstar notes that The Diamond Casino & Resort will “open its doors later this summer,” not so specific but certainly a vague timeframe to be excited for! Best get saving up now so you can blow all your dough!