Summer Games Done Quick Clocks Out With 3 Million Dollars Raised

Summer Games Done Quick 2019

The annual streaming event Summer Games Done Quick has smashed its own record for funding raised, broaching 3 million dollars over a week of special speedruns full of community spirit. This beats out last years record of $2.4 million.

Thanks to clever incentives that allowed fans to get in on the action – naming protagonists and picking games – donations started flooding in, all in support of Doctors Without Borders, a humanitarian relief NGO that operates in conflict zones and helps fight disease.

Throughout the marathon there have been a number of highlights, from a mindblowing run of Super Mario Bros. 2 to a Tetris Effect expert, all the way back around to Shrek Extra Large (completed in record time, mind you!) 

A few recent games made an appearance too, with Spyro Reignited Trilogy and Resident Evil 2 Remake filling out the schedule, as well as Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon.

The show wrapped up with six hours of Chrono Trigger, and the streamer finished the game just as the ticker hit 3 million. If you want to watch the special moment for yourself (the crowd goes WILD!) then you can check it out in this timestamped video link. 

If you missed out on the fun live, make sure to note down the dates of upcoming GDQ events. An express version will run in San Diego between September 27th and the 29th, and regular programming will resume at AGDQ 2020 in Orlando come January 5, next year. 

If you fancy getting in on the fun and offering some cash yourself, donations are still open to the public and you can support the cause here if you’re able. What a wholesome bit of news to start the week. Long live Games Done Quick! Hopefully, they can smash the record again when the event rolls around in 2020.