Green Man Gaming Publishing Celebrates Pride Spirit with new game Pride Run

Pride Run

Green Man Gaming has announced that it will publish Pride Run, developed by IV Productions, a rhythm game which recreates the unique vibe of LGBTQ+ Pride parades.

Green Man Gaming describes Pride Run thus: “Pride might only come once a year, but for those looking to keep the fun and festivities flowing long beyond the month of June, Pride Run is here to keep your pulses racing. Taking the rhythm that powers Pride parades the world over, Pride Run – which will hit Steam for PC Fall 2019 – charges people with keeping their own parade on track, tapping to the beat to keep the party going. Lose the beat, however, and you’ll find the crowds start to trail off and the parade loses its draw.”

Ivan Venturi, CEO & Game Director of developer IV Productions, said: “We’re a diverse development team, and many of us have been lucky enough to attend different Prides around the world. We felt it was about time someone took the sheer energy, passion and extravagance that emanates from these celebrations of LGBTQ+ culture beyond attendees and out into the wider world. Players who successfully grow their parades will then be tasked with taking on a boss in a one-on-one dance duel, with the victor taking control of the city — and, in the end, the world.”

Jonny Merritt, Head of Developer Relations at Green Man Gaming Publishing, added: “At its heart, Pride Run is a celebration of Pride events around the world. The game focuses on rhythm, taking the beat that defines many a march and making it a foundation of play. We think the fun nature of what is definitely a light-hearted, celebratory take on the Pride movement will translate well with gamers across the globe. As part of the launch of the game, Green Man Gaming is exploring ways of supporting LGBTQ+ rights charities who we feel are aligned with our inclusivity and diversity values. More exciting news to come.”

Green Man Gaming adds that Pride Run will feature: “Exclusive tracks from the disco-metal fusion that is Hard Ton.” It will have two game modes, Vanilla and Play Hard – in the latter, you can: “Choose which groups to add to the parades to take on those who question LGBTQ+ rights.” Its action will take place across 16 cities from around the world.

Pride Run will be released this autumn – we’ll bring you news of a firm release date the moment it emerges. In the meantime, check out Pride Run’s Steam page.