Stranger Things Crossover Teased For Fortnite

Stranger Things in Fortnite

Fortnite is continuing its reign as a nucleus of all things pop culture, swallowing up tv shows, major league sports endorsements, and even Weezer for a little while… It’s become a very handy marketing vehicle for gigantic brands, and right now there’s a new show that has wormed its way into the world.

Netflix’s Stranger Things to be exact. Yes, portals to the Upside Down have appeared, but don’t expect anything too wild – they don’t actually take you into a nightmarish landscape full of horrid creatures. Funnily enough, they just push you out into other portals which are dotted around the location they can be found at, the Mega Mall.

Clearly, this is connected to the launch of Stranger Things Season 3, which went live on Netflix earlier today. Perhaps when it ramps up we’ll see some genuine Demogorgon’s cutting about the Fortnite world, picking up SCAR rifles and game-ending scrubs on a global scale. 

Like most of the other emerging events we’ve seen in Fortnite, this probably isn’t the end of the story, so get ready for more Stranger Things paraphernalia seeping into the world. The ice cream shop seen in Season 3 trailers is already in the game – it appeared in Season 9 of Fortnite, and is known as the ‘Scoops Ahoy’ parlor.

This is all part of Netflix’s big push into games which was outlined during the coliseum event they held at E3 – this was where they revealed that a new Stranger Things game was coming that is more of a direct evocation of Series 3, as well as a game based on The Dark Crystal which we now know to be ‘Age of Resistance Tactics’, which is a bit like X-Com with the Jim Henson license. If only we could get a Muppets X-Com…