Batman Arkham Collection Leaked By Amazon UK Listing


Even though Bruce Wayne prides himself on his sleuthing capabilities, slinking around in the darkness and besting nefarious baddies – he still isn’t capable of fending off the most malicious of foes – the Amazon listing leak. Whoops! Take a look for yourself via this link and you’ll find the Batman Arkham Collection – a complete retelling of Rocksteady’s Arkham tale brought together for the first time on modern consoles.

That means Arkham Asylum, Arkham City and Arkham Knight, all together in one remastered package. According to the listing, the visuals have been updated and every bit of post-launch DLC has been included. There’s also a steelbook edition of the game available which is adorned with the desecrated Arkham symbol and the trio of bat’s we came to adore in the previous console generation. 

The PS4 version of Batman Arkham Collection will also contain an exclusive skin known as “Earth 2 Dark Knight” for Arkham Knight which looks… fairly silly, but regardless!

Both Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City are readily available on both PS4 and Xbox One if you can’t wait til September – Return to Arkham came out in 2016 serving up the two earlier games in the series – the extent to which Batman Arkham Collection will build on its graphical updates remains to be seen. 

Arkham Asylum is still the best Batman game ever if you were wondering – it got the detective mechanics just right whilst delivering crunchy combat and excellent tactical stealth systems. Its fourth-wall breaking narrative is also very difficult to beat, even now. Mark Hamill’s iconic Joker and Kevin Conroy’s stoic Bats are a match made in heaven. 

According to Amazon, this collection is set to launch on September 6th 2019 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It will cost £40 and you can even pre-order it now if you fancy!