Nintendo moves some Switch production to Vietnam

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo is moving part of the production of its Switch console away from China and to Vietnam.

According to Reuters, a Nintendo spokeswoman confirmed the move, adding: “Nintendo, which outsources almost all Switch console production to contract manufacturers in China, plans to make the partial shift to Vietnam this summer, the spokeswoman said.”

As we reported, Nintendo, along with fellow platform-holders Microsoft and Sony, is looking to shift a percentage of its console production away from China, in order to supply the US market without incurring tariffs threatened by US President Donald Trump, who is engaged in a trade war with China (currently in a period of truce, although the games industry does not expect that to last).

According to Reuters, however, Nintendo was somewhat coy about the reasons behind the move: “The shift is aimed at diversifying risks and not to escape the impact of potential tariff hikes by Washington on products imported to the United States from China, the spokeswoman added.” A somewhat disingenuous quote, since the biggest “risk” faced by the console manufacturers, who wrote a joint protest letter to Trump’s administration, is the imposition of tariffs in the US.

Nintendo does not currently sell the Switch in China, although in April, it struck a deal with Tencent to sell the console there; neither company has yet revealed when that will take place.

For further Nintendo-related information, keep an eye on its website.

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