Amazon Game Studios to publish Lord of the Rings MMO

Lord of the Rings MMORPG

Amazon Game Studios has announced that it will co-develop – in collaboration with Leyou Technologies Holdings – and publish a massively multiplayer online game set in the Lord of the Rings universe.

The company said: “Set in the world of Middle-earth portrayed in The Lord of the Rings literary trilogy, the game will give fans around the globe a new, immersive game experience for epic exploration of the vast world of Tolkien. In addition to the game development collaboration, Amazon Studios is separately developing a new Amazon Original TV series based on The Lord of the Rings for Prime Video unrelated to the game.

“Amazon Game Studios and Leyou will jointly develop the game for PC and consoles, and Amazon Game Studios will market and publish the title globally with the exception of China, which will be managed by Leyou. The collaboration brings together Amazon’s game technology and talented MMO developers, and Leyou’s expertise in designing free-to-play games and operating live-service games.”

It was previously known that the new Lord of the Rings MMO was in development – it was originally announced by Leyou’s subsidiary company, Athlon Games. However, Amazon’s involvement as a co-developer and publisher is a new development.

Christoph Hartmann, VP, Amazon Game Studios, said: “Tolkien’s Middle-earth is one of the richest fictional worlds in history, and it gives our team of experienced MMO developers — from the same studio developing New World — tremendous opportunity to play and create. We have a strong leadership team in place to helm this new project, and we’re actively growing our team to help build this incredible experience.”

Alex Xu, CEO of Leyou Technologies Holdings, added: “Bringing Middle-earth to life necessitates having the very best partners, and Amazon’s customer obsession, technology, and talented teams make it the ideal choice for a co-developer and publisher. We believe our combined resources and expertise will result in a beautiful and compelling game that customers will love and play for years to come.”

So far, concrete details are thin on the ground for the new game: we don’t know what it will be called when it will be released or precisely which consoles it will support. For further news, keep an eye on Amazon Game Studios’ website.

Lord Of the Rings Game