Monster Hunter World Has Shipped 13 Million Units

Monster Hunter: World

Capcom’s Monster Hunter series procured a loyal cult following over the past decade, with numerous home console and handheld releases keeping memories of the series fond in the minds of many. Now its big mainstream release has broached 13 million units sold.

January 2018 was gigantic for Capcom. Upon the release of Monster Hunter: World the series became mainstream almost overnight, as many console players flocked to the title in droves, enjoying its tactical co-op beast-slaying combat in an ambitious new high-fidelity open world.

Monster Hunter: World has since become Capcom’s best-selling game of all time, which is a fairly stunning achievement considering they’re the studio behind the wildly popular Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Devil May Cry, and Mega-Man series…

Clearly a perfect storm, Monster Hunter: World has only gone from strength to strength since it dropped last year. The game received immense fanfare upon its PC release, which brought another swathe of new players into the fold in August who were chomping at the bit after the hysteria it stirred on home consoles. The game has now sold more outside of Japan than within the country, another immense achievement for a series with such humble beginnings.

The news of breaking the 13 million sales mark was revealed via the Monster Hunter Twitter account – to celebrate the team are handing out an item pack for those who log in between July 25 and August 29 – so act now to secure your Attack Jewels and Silver Eggs! Yes, you heard me right, an Attack Jewel! Talk about a freebie…

With Iceborne around the corner on September 6th, no doubt Monster Hunter: World is going to hit 15 million copies sold in no time. There’s also the Paul W. S. Anderson Monster Hunter movie on the way – which looks like an authentic take on the formula. For how it shapes up when it hits the silver screen, that’s anyone’s guess.