Marvel’s Avengers Comic-Con Panel Unveils New Details


During San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) this week, the team from Square Enix and Eidos Montreal gave Marvel’s Avengers fans a fresh look at the game, unveiling some new details.

The trailer shown to fans and press was narrated by Kamala Khan – a.k.a Ms. Marvel, who was attending the A-Day Celebrations which frame the beginning of the game. You can see more about A-Day and the game’s opening in the E3 2019 trailer:

After the initial mission ends, which serves to introduce the player to the main cast of characters, they’ll be given access to a reclaimed Helicarrier which will serve as the player’s base throughout the game. It’s from here that the player will be able to launch into the linear story missions or co-op missions. We don’t have details about what the open world missions will entail just yet, but it is confirmed that they’re separate to the story mode missions.

The A-Day disaster is revealed to be orchestrated by Taskmaster, a villain we have not seen in the MCU and with whom many fans may be unfamiliar. In the comics he is a master assassin and spy with a genius level intellect, who has arranged for the A-Day disaster so that the world will turn on the Avengers. Picking up the action five years on, it appears that this is the case, with the Helicarrier crash causing the death of Captain America and untold thousands in San Francisco.

For those wanting to tweak their Avenger, players will be able to customise their Avenger during online play, with skill trees and cosmetics being unlocked through the game. 

The trailer shown off at SDCC will be given a public release around Gamescom. Until then, for all the latest news, updates, and more regarding Marvel’s Avengers, keep your eyes on both the Square Enix Marvel’s Avengers website, and our very own Newsroom.