Tim Willits Leaves iD Software After 24 Years

Tim Willits

Legendary video game designer Tim Willits will step down from his post as co-owner of id Software after 24 years of service at the company.

Willits barely needs any introduction if you’re a shooter fan – he worked on The Ultimate Doom, Quake, Quake III Arena, Doom 3 and Rage, for which he was the creative director. Say what you will about Rage, but it was ambitious and felt great – even if the sequel didn’t do much with the cool world that was built. 

He also served as a director on Quake Champions, which is now free-to-play and a good time if you’re an old-school shooter fan. Tim revealed this news on Twitter, with some accompanying words about his future plans.

“After 24 years, I’ve decided to leave id Software after QuakeCon. I’ve been extremely lucky to work with the best people in the industry on truly amazing games. QuakeCon has been an unbelievable part of my journey and I look forward to seeing everyone at the Gaylord Texan. All of the games currently in development are in very good hands, my departure will not affect any planned releases.”

Willits also made note of his future plans – which should be announced after QuakeCon 2019, so next week!

“id Software is packed full of amazing talent that will continue to develop (long into the future) some of the best shooters in the world. After QuakeCon I will announce my future plans, where I am going, and what new exciting things I am doing. Stay tuned.”

It’s a bit of a surprise decision really, Willits joined the company in ’95 and has been there ever since – with a string of hits lately it’s quite the shock departure, but it looks like he’ll be moving on to something new (most likely within the industry) very soon. 

We wish him the best of luck, and praise must be given for all of his work at id – especially in creating some of the best shooters of all time!