Ubisoft’s CEO says the cost of porting games to Stadia is ‘not that high’


During a recent investor call, Ubisoft’s CEO Yves Guillemot spoke about the challenges of porting games to Google’s streaming platform, Stadia.

In a statement set to reassure investors, Guillemot said “The extra cost to put to make sure the games work well on Stadia is not that high” with CFO Frederick Duguet stating that “the financial equation is good for us.”

When Ubisoft’s CEO Guillemot was asked during a Q&A in the investor call about the cost of porting games to Google’s Stadia versus porting to traditional platforms like the PC and consoles, he was quick to reassure investors that the cost was not prohibitive. Guillemot did not offer a direct comparison in his reply, however, he did state that Ubisoft have already integrated Stadia into its workflow.  “It’s part now of our pipelines and we have a good relationship with Stadia to make sure it is profitable for us.” Guillemot said.

The only concern raised by Guillemot during this call regarding Stadia was that the cost analysis only refers to current titles, what Guillemot refers to as “2.0 types of games” will “need more work and this we will see more in the future action.”

Ubisoft may, of course, be a special case. As Gamasutra reports, the publisher and developer has already worked with Google to bring Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey to the pre-Stadia Project Stream beta last year, and Ubisoft’s own Uplay+ subscription service will launch on Stadia in 2020.

Since the reveal at GDC 2019, Google’s Stadia has received scrutiny from various sources, with many expressing doubt about its ability to deliver on a technical level, and a recent survey showing consumer issues with pricing.

As more news about Google’s Stadia comes out as we near its launch, we’ll have all the info, scoops, and more right here on Green Man Gaming’s Newsroom.