Overwatch’s 31st hero is Sigma, a gravity-bending tortured physicist

Overwatch hero Sigma

Overwatch’s latest hero has arrived, and he’s quite the curious character. The astrophysicist Sigma was originally teased by Game Director Jeff Kaplan in a cheeky Twitter video where, at the apex of a Developer Update, he is sucked into some sort of time-bending portal which drops him in a white void full of physics equations. Standard fare for Overwatch pre-hero marketing there.

It has since been revealed that Sigma is very much a villain, a Talon-affiliated foe who was once a kind, ambitious scientist who wanted to harness the power of black holes. Sigma was later imprisoned and has since gone mad with power by the looks of things. He appears to have split-personalities and is tortured by a piano melody. “Gravity is a harness, I have harnessed the harness,” he says near the end of his Origin Story trailer.
Apparently, the experimentation upon him in a “secret government facility” has turned Sigma into a “living weapon”, suggesting his actions are not made of his own free will. Spooky.

Sigma the scientist will be the 31st hero to enter the Overwatch pantheon, following support hero Baptiste and damage-dealer Ashe. It’s unsure right now what role he’ll play, but he doesn’t look like much of a pushover. Whilst that may suggest he could play a Tank role, his design is versatile and could incorporate support or damage abilities too. 

It’s been quite the week for Overwatch, which is still going strong some three years after its initial release in 2016. The game adopted Role Queue recently, a controversial move that lets players pick the class they want to play at the start of the game, with queues available for Tank, Damage and Support respectively.

No doubt Sigma will hit the PTR in the coming weeks so PC players can check him out and test out his gravity-bending abilities before Sigma makes his full debut on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 – that’s usually how Overwatch hero reveals work!