Remedy expresses hope to work on Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2 from Remedy possible

Remedy Entertainment, the developers behind Max Payne, Quantum Break, the upcoming Control, and of course Alan Wake, have expressed their desire to work on an Alan Wake sequel.

With it being nine years since Alan Wake released on console and seven since the game appeared on PC, one might assume that the adventuring author was lost forever. Speaking to IGN, however, Remedy writer Sam Lake expressed his hopes to work on Alan Wake again.

“I want to make it. It’s a curious thing,” Sam Lake said. “At this point, so much time has passed. I feel that the bar is higher in some ways. It needs to be done right if it’s ever done. Everything needs to click into place, which is really hard to make it happen. So many things, for these big games to be greenlit, need to be aligned. But I’m hoping that someday…”

Alan Wake, released originally in 2010, received several pieces of DLC which expanded on what happens after the end of the game, with a standalone expansion, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, furthering the author’s story.

Since 2012, however, everything has been quiet on the Alan Wake front. But internally at Remedy, Sam Lake has been consistently thinking and working on a sequel. Several ideas have been developed, often being spun out into their own games – the upcoming Control being one of them. The game came about after the company started work on Alan Wake 2, decided that the idea didn’t “quite feel like Alan Wake 2”, and instead was developed as its own title.

Poor old Alan’s had a tumultuous time over recent years, with Alan Wake being pulled from sale due to licensing issues, a TV show being developed based on the property, and finally Remedy regaining publishing rights to their game

It’s not known yet what the future holds for the series, but as soon as there’s any Alan Wake news, we’ll have the lowdown right here on the Newsroom.