Wolfenstein Youngblood’s Launch Trailer Is A Synth-Laden Gorepocalypse

Wolfenstein: Youngblood Launch trailer

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you’ve no doubt heard of Wolfenstein: Youngblood, the in-between game in the Nazi-slaying shooter series Wolfenstein. The game has just launched, and to celebrate there’s a delightfully gory trailer for fans to enjoy.

Set to pulsing neon synths that should shake you out of your chair, the trailer offers a quick history lesson from The New Colossus before jumping right into the action, as the sisters blast through hordes of Nazis, undermining their occupation of Paris and turning the legions of fascists into red goo. 

A number of characters from the previous two games return in Youngblood, which is set in the 1980s, years after B.J’s adventures in Germany. It’s a haptic delight that offers an in-depth multiplayer experience, one that shouldn’t be missed if you’re already a fan of this storied franchise. 

The joy of this middle-child entry is that it’s a collaboration between MachineGames and Arkane Lyon – the team responsible for immersive sim delights like the Dishonored series. That calls for intricate level-design and impeccable narrative design, and that’s not to mention the narrative its framed around.

You play as Jess and Soph Blazkowicz, the daughters of Wolfenstein protagonist B.J who has gone missing in Paris. Your job? Get him back, dealing with the Gestapo among other high-ranking members of the Axis. With complex progression systems, tons of upgrades and more abilities than you can shake a stick at, there’s a lot of depth here, especially if you’ve got a friend who wants in on the co-op action.

There’s also the joy of the ‘buddy pass’ which means that if you purchase the deluxe edition of the game, you can offer the experience to your friend free of charge by inviting them in – much like Josef Fares’ A Way Out. The game should now be live for purchase on PC, so gear up for some high-octane action and pull on your Nazi-killing boots. It’s time to rescue B.J!