Gears 5 Technical Test Kicks Off This Weekend For Gold Subscribers

Gears 5

The Coalition’s latest Gears of War title is fast approaching and looks to reboot the series with a host of new characters and modes. The technical test is ready to play if you’re subscribed to Xbox Game Pass, but now anyone with an Xbox Live Gold subscription can join in on the gory action.

From 6 PM tonight, all you need to do is boot up your Xbox One and navigate to the icon (you should be able to find it on your home screen, but if not, do give it a search!)

If you have a subscription to Xbox Live Gold you should be able to download the test and start playing this evening. Initially, the preview was only available to customers who had pre-ordered Gears 5 or, as mentioned above, those who have Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft’s subscription-based game library that is only growing in popularity. 

There are a couple of modes available in the technical test, including Arcade, which appears to be an almost class-based experience with plenty of exciting unlockable weapons. Instead of just a standard Deathmatch, you’re out to earn skulls which you can trade-in for sniper rifles and gigantic spiked clubs. 

You can also pick up the test-exclusive ‘Wreath Bloodspray’ if you fancy staying up until 1:30 AM and then playing a match within the hour.  If that’s not your bag, it’s worth a look anyway if you’ve ever been a fan of the Gears series – the gameplay looks refined and the visuals are impressive.

There’s also a King of the Hill mode available in the technical test, as well as Tour of Duty and Escalation. There’s also a Bootcamp if you’re rusty with the Gnasher. The test will run all weekend, so get some friends together and go chainsaw some Locust!