New footage emerges of Blair Witch game


The original Blair Witch Project was a masterclass in horror from the late 90s. Set in a mysterious forest, it followed a group of youngsters as they went camping, filmed incessantly, and got utterly spooked out. It was a terrifying, and often snotty, journey into the unknown.

This year we’re going to be getting a game based on the Blair Witch series. Announced during E3 2019 in Microsoft’s presentation, the new Blair Witch game is being developed by Blooper Team. They are responsible for other stalwarts of the horror genre, Layers of Fear and Observer (the latter starring the sadly recently departed Rutger Hauer).

Thanks to Game Informer, some new footage has emerged of the new Blair Witch game. 

The focus of this stretch of gameplay is largely the dog you’ll be taking into the Black Hills Forest as you search for a missing boy. The dog’s name is Bullet, and they’ll be integral to your journey through the mysterious forest. With a whole wheel of interactions and orders you can give – and yes, you can pet the dog – Bullet appears to be one of the main gameplay features of Blair Witch.

Blair Witch will also feature combat, in a departure for Blooper Team whose previous works haven’t directly included it. Similar to enemies you might find in Alan Wake, the protagonist of the Blair Witch game will burn when you shine your torch on them.

Of course in addition to the torch there’s a camcorder, it wouldn’t be Blair Witch without it, and a walkie-talkie that you can use to keep in touch with your team. Though be warned, the Blair Witch apparently knows how to use walkie-talkies, and will mess with you on occasion.
Blair Witch will be released onto PC on August the 30th, and we’ll have all the latest game news, announcements, and updates right here on the Newsroom.