Trailer provides first glimpse of Blair Witch gameplay

Blair Witch game trailer

Earlier in the week we reported the reveal of our first look at gameplay for the new game from developer Blooper Team and publisher Lionsgate Games. Today they have released a trailer for the forthcoming Blair Witch game that provides the first insight into the nature of its gameplay.

In the trailer (below), you can see Alex, the male protagonist, making a foray into the sort of creepy woods which will be familiar to anyone who saw the film. Alex is armed with a retro mobile phone (on the end of which is a woman called Jess), and he has a dog called Bullet which he can control (by, for example, instructing him to dig at specified points), along with a flashlight. Later on, combat comes into play.

The trailer also shows Alex riding a vehicle which looks like a quad-bike, and entering a ruined house in which the horror aspect for which the film was renowned is ramped up to satisfying effect. Lionsgate Games said the trailer shows: “A look at some of the gameplay elements of the first-person psychological horror game: exploration, commands, combat, environmental interaction, and of course a taste of how players will interact with Bullet.”

Blair Witch is due to be released on August 30 2019, for Xbox One and PC. More information about the game can be found on its official website. [[]]

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