Jalopy developer building UK landlord sim

Landlords Super

Jalopy developer Greg Pryjmachuk, the sole member of MinskWorks, has announced his next game. Titled Landlord’s Super, it aims to be a 1980s British Landlord simulator.

Pryjmachuk’s previous game, Jalopy, was a heartfelt and often haunting exploration of Eastern Europe behind the Iron Curtain where the player travelled in a frankly terrible car with their uncle, always heading to Dresden.

Landlord’s Super looks to have a lighter tone, aiming its satire-cannon right at British Landlord practices, the English, and the 1980s. Here’s what you can expect to do in the game:

  • Explore the fictional county of West Berklands. Interact with a diverse cast of characters, during the polarising years of the 1980s. An honest insight into ‘English Culture’.
  • The Quintessential Construction Simulator. Order supplies! Mix your own cement! Assemble scaffolding to reach high places! Build walls brick by brick! The most ambitious construction gameplay seen before! 
  • Plan & Execute your actions around the time of day, weather, seasons, world events, union interference, and your own well-being. Some days it’s better to soak yourself down the pub than risk working in the rain.
  • Speak the Queen’s English! The game is localised in both American English and British colloquialisms.

Landlord’s Super appears to be a cross between House Flipper and Jalopy with some heavy digs at the British thrown in for good measure. With Pryjmachuk having previous experience as a ‘Concrete & Steel Erector’, it looks like this will be drawing on his personal experience, much as Jalopy did for his time spent driving across Vietnam on a Minsk motorbike.

You can add Landlord’s Super to your Steam Wishlist today, there isn’t a release date at this time other than ‘Coming Soon’. We’ll continue to have all the game announcements and all the gaming news you need, right here on the Newsroom.