Death Stranding no longer listed as a PS4 exclusive

Death Stranding Not a PS4 exclusive

Death Stranding, the upcoming Hideo Kojima game about, er, something, may be coming to platforms other than the PlayStation 4. It has been a possibility ever since a Q&A in 2015 where Kojima seemed to confirm that the game would come to PC after a spell on PS4, but since then we’ve heard nothing.

Until now, that is. Over on the Resetera forums, a user named vestan noticed that Death Stranding has been removed from the list of PlayStation 4 exclusives that Sony maintains. This doesn’t appear to be an oversight or simply an issue where the game hasn’t been added to the list yet, as PC Gamer reports, the listing was present up until recently. The Internet Archive Wayback Machine shows that it was listed there as recently as the 26th of May.

That listing is from the Australian site, but eagle-eyed reporters have noticed that it’s also been removed across the board – here’s the UK version, for example. 

Obviously there’s been no announcement so you PC playing Norman Reedus fans may have to wait a little longer, but combine this development with the Q&A from 2015, and also the announcement that Kojima will be at Gamescom’s Opening Night Live to show off some more of Death Stranding, and it’s beginning to look like a PC announcement is becoming more certain.
For now we’ll wait and see what the future holds, and should any scraps of Death Stranding info fall our way we’ll make sure you get the latest news. We’ll also be in attendance at Gamescom 2019, if any Death Stranding news or updates come out, we’ll be the first to let you know. Until then, keep your eyes peeled to the Green Man Gaming Newsroom and Blog for all the Gamescom 2019 updates and announcements.