Total War Saga: Troy may be next Total War game

Total War: Troy

It looks like the next Total War Saga game has been discovered, and this time we’ll be heading to Troy.

A trademark filing has been spotted over on the Total War subreddit by Reddit user zhxws. Listed on the UK’s Intellectual Property Office website, it seems to indicate that the next game in the longrunning Total War series is going to be titled Total War Saga: Troy. The trademark was indeed filed by The Creative Assembly, so it looks like this is almost a certainty.

The Total War Saga series exists as a slight spinoff from the main Total War series. Designed to deliver a smaller and more focused Total War experience, they often piggyback on the systems of previous installments allowing for a bite-sized Total War game. According to the Saga series director, Mike Simpson, Creative Assembly aims at “putting defined geographical areas under the microscope” with a “strong cultural focus and flavour” by zeroing in on these smaller games.

The last Total War Saga game was titled Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia. Set in 878 AD on the British Isles, it picks up the action just after Alfred the Great defeated the Viking invaders. The player chooses a faction and attempts to become the new king, taking on the mantle of one of ten factions.

Whilst at this time we don’t have any details about Total War Saga: Troy, it’ll be a surprise if it doesn’t feature the armies of Menelaus vs. those of Hektor, with Amazons at least thrown into the mix. Whether or not the game will be a more grounded look at the conflict or will feature some of the more fantastical elements has yet to be seen, though with the Total War series heading to the lands of Warhammer in the past there’s a precedent for that.

With Gamescom around the corner though, we’re sure we’ll have more news on this new Total War Saga game for you shortly. Until then, keep your eyes on the Newsroom for all your game updates and news.