This year’s Need for Speed announced

Need for Speed Heat

EA have announced some details, including a first look, at this year’s new Need for Speed game.

Set in Florida, it looks to be a sun and tarmac drenched urban racer, and it’ll be coming to PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on November the 8th, 2019. If you have Origin Access, however, it’ll be available to play three days earlier on November the 5th.

The game’s name is Need for Speed Heat, and has become the tone for the series, it pits you against the police as a renegade racer trying to earn prestige and better cars through your driving skills. 

Set in the fictional Palm City in Florida, the location seems to be integral to the game. The day and night cycle will influence races and what races you can take part in. During daylight hours things are more legitimate with you taking part in sanctioned races and events, whereas during the night things get a little looser, with you taking part in underground street races that the cops definitely won’t approve of. Florida itself also seems to play more of a part in this installment, with races appearing to take place off-road on the beaches that Florida is so famed for.

The trailer does show off some advanced customisation for your vehicles, hopefully harking back to the now legendary Need for Speed Underground series which allowed a huge range of customisation options for your car. 

The game’s currently up for pre-order on EA’s website, and there’s also a countdown clock letting us know there’ll be another trailer dropping during Gamescom 2019, this time with more of a focus on the game’s gameplay. Even if you’re not attending the conference, we’ll have the latest news, updates, and more right here on the Newsroom.