Final Fantasy VIII Remastered gets release date

Final Fantasy VIII remastered

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered has finally received a release date, and you’ll be getting to play the rebuilt version on September the 3rd on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

The eighth game in the series was originally released way back in 1999 but still remains a firm fan favourite since then. This is something Square Enix obviously are aware of, with a recent re-creation of a fan meme being posted to their Twitter account.

The 3rd of September will see the game remastered and re-released for a new generation, with Squall and the gang working for SeeD as a mysterious Sorceress builds her forces against you. With a plot that spans time and space and a dog that can be used as a cannon, Final Fantasy VIII set itself a weirder tone than the more down-to-earth Final Fantasy VII.

Several advanced options will be included in the remaster, similar to those present in other remastered Final Fantasy games. Battle Assist, 3x Speed Boost, and no encounter modes will all be included, making the notoriously difficult game a little easier to digest for newer players, or for returning players who just want to get to their favourite moments. In addition the Steam enhancements included in the current PC version of the game will also be included, with the ability to max out magic, gil, items, abilities, and even limit breaks.

Of course this isn’t the only Final Fantasy that’s currently being worked on; the remake of Final Fantasy VII continues to build steam with more details coming out all the time, and the ever-surprising popularity of Final Fantasy XIV continues to go from strength to strength with the recent Shadowbringers expansion bringing even more to the MMO table.