350,000 watch world first 60 in World of Warcraft Classic


The first player in the world to reach the level cap of 60 in World of Warcraft Classic is 22 year old Jokerd from Malta who managed it on his Gnome Mage.

Streaming his victorious accomplishment, Jokerd hit the level cap after three days and seven hours, beating pro-World of Warcraft guilds such as Method who were also racing to the maximum level.

You can watch the final stream here, where he reaches level 60 (around the 18 hour, 18 minute mark).

Watch [Level 52+] FINAL PUSH TO 60 – WoW Classic Mage Leveling – Mograine EU – !leaderboard !played from JokerdTV on www.twitch.tv

After reaching his goal he teleported to the human capital of Stormwind where he was greeted by an impromptu parade, full of shouts of praise and kneeling players all there to praise Jokerd’s achievement of hitting world first for this new version of an old game.

Jokerd played on the European server of Mograine, playing mostly solo where he focused tagging and taking down tightly packed groups of mobs using area of effect spells, something that Mages are extremely capable of doing. He also utilised a way of skipping between different ‘layers’, concurrent instances of the same world all sharing the same space, in order to locate mobs that had respawned to save time. Jokerd addressed any concerns that this was a cheat, as it only saved ‘1-1.5 hours’ by utilising this approach.

According to Dotesports an accusation of account sharing has been levied at Jokerd by esports team Method, however, there does not appear to be any evidence supporting this claim at this time. Jokerd, of course, denies this claim.

Hitting level 60 hasn’t been the only achievement over the weekend for World of Warcraft Classic, the most famous raid in the game, Molten Core, has also been beaten by a guild called <APES>. You can check out a clip of the successful moment here.


World of Warcraft Classic has recently launched successfully, and despite some queueing for some realms, it has been a largely smooth launch of the game.