Blood and Sand DLC lands on Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles Blood and Sand

Developer/publisher Funcom has released Blood and Sand, a new item of downloadable content for Conan Exiles, along with a free update that overhauls the game’s PvP.

The Blood and Sand pack for Conan Exiles is priced at £8.99 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Funcom says that it: “Contains a host of new visual content, spanning from arena building pieces to new weapons and armour.”

A blogpost on the Conan Exiles website details what the Blood and Sand pack brings to the popular online survival action-adventure game. It promises: “29 new arena building pieces; 15 new armour pieces in three sets, such as the Bear Shaman armour; 19 new weapons in the Bloodletter set plus all-new weapons — same power as iron weapons with an epic end-game version of each weapon; and 15 new war banner placeables.”

Funcom has also treated Conan Exiles to a free update, dubbed Update 37. Designed to overhaul the game’s PvP mechanics, it introduces Battle Standards, which Funcom describes thus: “A Battle Standard will establish a zone which will make anyone who steps inside it eligible to engage in PvP combat. Activating PvP is completely optional, so people can’t grief you by suddenly plonking down a Battle Standard and gunning for a fight. You’ll also get to keep your inventory if you die inside a Battle Standard’s area of influence, so the PvP combat is fairly risk-free.”

Funcom detailed two other features that Update 37 adds: “In Update 37, we’re changing the combat animations for the Longsword, Great Sword and Pike weapon types. They won’t behave radically different to how they used to, but you will notice a few differences.” And: “With this update we’re introducing two new weapon types to Conan Exiles: short swords and two-handed axes.”

The company also revealed a feature which will arrive in the next update for the game: “In the next update we will be expanding the ways you can modify your weapons and armour with the addition of weapon oils. These are more powerful versions of the already existing mod kits, with the drawback that the boosts they provide are time-limited. The oil will also severely drain the durability of whatever it’s applied to once the timer has run out.”

For further Conan Exiles-related information and news, keep an eye on the game’s website.

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