TGS 2019: new footage shows Death Stranding gameplay details

Death Stranding

An extended demonstration provided by Sony at the Tokyo Game Show has provided further insight into Death Stranding’s gameplay.

The PlayStation Presents Live Show at this year’s TGS featured a 48-minute slab of Death Stranding’s gameplay. Unfortunately, because the event was screened live, it hasn’t yet been edited down to relevant clips. But the PlayStation Blog has made a handy summary of what the Death Stranding play-through revealed.

The demo showed various key elements of Hideo Kojima’s latest hotly-anticipated release. Such as the importance of the luggage that main character Sam carries: his considerable loadout must be carefully selected according to his mission, and as well as the cargo he carries on his back, he must select attachments for his arms.

The demo showed that the map can be switched to provide a topographical view (handy when, for example, deciding whether or not to take a ladder with you), and that you can take advantage of equipment left by others who previously traversed the game’s landscape. Sam can also equip an Active Skeleton which lets him run faster, along with a Floating Carrier which hovers, can accommodate cargo and which Sam pulls along behind him (and which he can also mount to, for example, float silently downhill).

Plenty of instances of Hideo Kojima’s trademark quirkiness were on show, too. For example, in one sequence, Sam took a rest, with options for shoulder-massages and quick naps on show. Plus, Sam had a harmonica which he can play and which soothes the baby in the baby-pod.

The demo also showed a glimpse of combat, for which Sam had to prepare by shedding a large amount of his cargo (which could be retrieved later). Sequences showing Sam making cargo deliveries to facilities – adding those facilities to his growing network – also hinted at a key element of the game’s progression structure.

Death Stranding is due for a November 8 release on PlayStation 4. In the meantime, to keep up with any emerging news, watch its official website.