20 minutes of The Outer Worlds footage released

Outer Worlds

Thanks to this year’s Tokyo Games Show, almost twenty minutes of The Outer Worlds gameplay footage has emerged. It’s been made for a Japanese audience so the written text and UI is all in Japanese, but the audio is in English so you’ll still be able to keep up with what’s happening. That said, the player does skip a lot of dialogue, ignores quest markers, and accidentally explodes a barrel , but that’s fine as we all play that way, right? 

The footage appears to focus on the early game, with the player levels proceeding one through three. We can see that the player character takes control over a ruined spaceship by pretending to be its captain with the player seeking a new power regulator to get the ship back into action. Exploration and combat seem to be the name of the game, with much of it familiar to Fallout: New Vegas fans, albeit with a far more futuristic slant to the action.

With the game being developed by legendary RPG crafters Obsidian, creators of Fallout: New Vegas and the sublime Pillars of Eternity series, we have high hopes over this first person space-hopping RPG. Given the return of options in dialogue, the apparent feel of the combat, and the lack of modern-day additions to many games such as microtransactions, it feels like The Outer Worlds is an attempt to bring games like Fallout: New Vegas slap bang up to date. Which would make sense, given the company’s own Pillars of Eternity series which did the same for Baldur’s Gate-a-likes.

The Outer Worlds will release on the 25th of October, 2019 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 with a Nintendo Switch version arriving later. For more info about just what’ll make up this expansive space RPG, head on over to Obsidian’s site.