Disco Elysium gets launch trailer and release date

Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium is an upcoming take on the open world RPG genre with a unique twist. Playing as a detective in a strange noir-esque world, it’s sleuthing its way onto PC on October the 15th, 2019. Here’s the announcement trailer showing off a little more of the world and how the game works.

The game focuses on a detective who wakes up sans-clothes after a drinking binge. Operating with a pretty clean slate, the player defines the character through actions in the world as well as by equipping certain skills and ideas in their brain-space-inventory. These ideas not only change how you interact with the world but they evolve over time, much as ideas do, and can mature and change.

These ideas have pluses and negatives, you may be able to use the knowledge contained within to ease your dialogue choices with a faction or group of people for example, but it may make you alienated from others or drive you to drink or worse. One memorable example we encountered when speaking to the developers at Rezzed 2018 was that it’s possible to have a racist character, ingratiating you with the far-right elements of the world, but also simultaneously making it impossible to talk to or converse with the focus of your newly equipped hate.

We got to play Disco Elysium for a breezy hour back in 2018 and came away with high hopes for the game, and now in just a few short weeks we’ll get to try out the full version. 

Disco Elysium launches on October the 15th for PC, and you can check out more information here on their website. We’ll keep you updated with all the latest game news, info, and RPG announcements we get our beady eyes on right here on the Green Man Gaming Newsroom.