Indivisible trailer showcases combat and characters


Publisher 505 Games, along with developers Lab Zero, Studio Trigger and Titmouse, have released a new trailer for Indivisible which provides insight into the forthcoming action game’s combat mechanics and characters.

505 Games said: “The new trailer seamlessly intertwines Indivisible’s action-packed exploration and combat gameplay with clips of animated cutscenes created by Studio Trigger (Kill La Kill) and Titmouse (Apex Legends, Rick and Morty) to offer fans a sneak peek at lead protagonist Ajna’s powerful Heruka form and other mysterious abilities. A new track from Indivisible’s composer Hiroki Kikuta (Secret of Mana, Koudelka) is also featured.”

505 Games also provided some further details of what the side-scrolling brawler/RPG hybrid will be like to play: “Created by Lab Zero Games, the developers behind the million-plus selling cult-favourite fighting game Skullgirls, Indivisible features ultra-rare, real-time party fighter mechanics. Spanning a fantastical world with dozens of playable characters, a rich storytelling experience and gameplay that’s easy to learn but difficult to mater, Indivisible revolves around Ajna, a fearless young girl with a rebellious streak. Raised by her father on the outskirts of their rural town, her life is thrown into chaos when her home is attacked, and a mysterious power awakens within her.”

In addition, 505 Games announced a number of pre-order bonuses for Indivisible’s PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam versions, detailed here on its website. For further information on Indivisible, which is due to be released on October 8 (with the Switch version scheduled to arrive on an unspecified date later in 2019), keep an eye on its website.