Logitech acquires Streamlabs for $89 million

Logitech buys Streamlabs

PC and gaming hardware specialist Logitech has purchased Streamlabs for a reported $89 million (with another $39 million payable on condition of Streamlabs meeting revenue growth targets).

Logitech announced the news on its blog: “Logitech has agreed to acquire Streamlabs, a leader in live streaming for gamers. Streamlab’s software is used by a large and growing community of gamers who live stream across platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Mixer and Facebook. Top streamers use Streamlabs so they can stream broadcasts distinctive to their brand, engage with viewers, grow their channels and monetize their broadcasts. We’ve been fans of Streamlabs and their software since we started partnering with them years ago. And we’re convinced we can do even greater things together.”

Ujesh Desai, general manager and vice president of gaming at Logitech, said: “Logitech’s acquisition of Streamlabs adds software and tools for live streamers to our already rich gaming offering. Their products complement our existing portfolio and allow us to serve even more game streamers around the world with better experiences.” And, in a post on Streamlabs’ blog, the streaming technology company’s CEO Ali Moiz added: “Both Streamlabs and Logitech have strong brands in the gaming space with millions of users. While we help streamers broadcast, monetize and look their best via software, Logitech’s gear enables them to look, perform and sound amazing. When my brother Murti and I founded Streamlabs our goal was to enable streamers to pursue their passion while making a living. Now that we’re part of the Logitech family, we’ll be able to take this so much further with their reach, resources and expertise.”

Moiz continued: “What does this mean for Streamers? Nothing changes. We will continue to support multiple platforms, all hardware and software services that we support today (and more in the future). Our tools will remain free and open. The extended Logitech family — Logitech G, Astro Gaming and Blue Microphones — will help us build more awesome stuff together.”

Entering the Logitech fold makes perfect sense for Streamlabs, given that Logitech and its associated brands make plenty of hardware that is used by streamers. For further information keep an eye on Logitech’s website and Streamlabs’ blog.

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