Destiny 2 back online after emergency maintenance due to breaking player records

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has successfully migrated onto Steam from its original platform and launched into free to play as part of Destiny 2: New Light. 

The move and launch of both New Light and the latest expansion, Shadowkeep, appears to have gone down well, as concurrency numbers for Destiny 2 have reached numbers hitherto unseen for the game. 

A side effect of this, however, has been that the game saw rapidly increasing player login queues, as well as occasional disconnects when players did manage to get in-game. As a result, Bungie took the decision to take the game, as well as the original Destiny, offline for emergency maintenance.

The good news is that as of early this morning, Bungie have announced that both games are back online now, and ready for players to log in again, though queues may still appear as the games become populated once more. Though once back in, players should hopefully see more stability in Destiny 2.

An additional issue affecting the purchase of Silver has also been resolved, albeit before the emergency maintenance. Bungie took action prior to the downtime to resolve this, and purchases should now be working normally, though players are advised to only buy one bundle of Silver at a time.

Overall, despite this blip, it looks like things are pretty rosy for both Destiny 2 and Bungie right now. The move appears to have gone fairly smoothly considering how complicated these transfers can be, and the expansion Shadowkeep has rocketed to the top of best seller charts on Steam and in other places. 

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep and Destiny 2: New Light are both out now, so you can hop into the game for free before deciding if you want to put money down on the latest update.