Hitman 2 October Free Content Roadmap

Hitman 2

Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment has detailed the free content that will be coming to Hitman 2 this October.

Since it contains Halloween, October is traditionally a busy month for games that regularly release downloadable content, and the popular stealth-assassination game certainly will not be bucking that trend in 2019. Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment said: “This month in Hitman 2, players can look forward to a spooky new Halloween-themed mission that will challenge all of their expectations. Anyone brave enough to complete it will be rewarded with two mystery unlocks that are yet-to-be-revealed. Across the rest of the content on 3rd October new suits and 4 new items are up for grabs – making a total of 9 new items that can be unlocked for free.”

In the above trailer, Hitman 2 developer Io Interactive’s community developer Clemens E Koch detailed the considerable raft of new free content that will come to Hitman 2 in October 2019. While he remained cryptic regarding the Halloween Escalation Contract that will arrive on October 22, he provided plenty of detail about the rest of the DLC due to drop.

That will include the Riviera Restoration Escalation Contract in Miami, due to arrive on 3 October; the Divine Descendance Escalation Contract in Mumbai, due on 10 October; a new Elusive Target, “The Serial Killer,” in Whittleton Creek (Vermont, US), due on 25 October; and a Legacy Elusive Target, “The Warlord,” in Bangkok, due on 11 October.

In addition, Trick or Treat Featured Contracts, Legacy Challenge Packs, Legacy Escalation Contracts and a horror-themed Uninvited Challenge Pack set in the Hawke’s Bay location will become available for Hitman 2 during October. To find out more, your best bet is to visit the Hitman 2 website. [[https://www.hitman.com/]