Outward gets a large content update


Outward, the open world RPG that focuses on ultra-realism in its world and systems, has just received a huge content update adding a bevy of new features and updates to the already jam-packed game.

One of the new challenges awaiting veteran Outward players is the addition of new end-game bosses which will become available after players finish the faction storylines. Another big change, and one that’ll probably appeal to people who’ve played Outward since launch, is the addition of a new Hardcore mode.

Hardcore mode makes the game generally just a lot tougher, with higher stakes when facing danger. When defeated, players may have a chance to get a defeat scenario, but also their character may be killed outright. In addition, players participating in Hardcore mode are unable to play with players who aren’t, meaning it’s walled off with only the true hardcore taking part with each other.

In addition to these changes the main takeaways from the patch are that seven new languages have been added to the game, meaning more can enjoy Outward in their native tongue. Legacy Chests have seen an overhaul and general improvements, and there’s loads more gameplay balances and bug fixes implemented. 

Some of the surprising changes are that bleed damage has been severely nerfed, by up to four times less damage coming when you start to bleed out in-game. Another is that there’s now an option to go super fast, letting you traverse the game at ultra speeds. Be warned, however, this is a cheat, and will mean you’re saddled with the name ‘Code Sonic’ while you play.
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