Shroud leaves Twitch for Mixer

Shroud in team Cloud9

If you haven’t heard of the Twitch streamer Shroud, he’s one of the biggest streamers on the planet and on the network. Shroud, real name Michael Grzsesiek, has built a colossal audience over time, and that’s all been on Twitch.

Now, however, he’s upped sticks and moved to burgeoning Twitch rival, Mixer.

Shroud is a former professional CS:GO player who turned streamer, transitioning on the streaming platform Twitch. Now that Ninja has left Twitch – also for Mixer – he was the second largest streamer on the site, just behind Turner “Tfue” Tenney with a massive six point five million followers.

Shroud’s new Mixer channel already has, at the time of writing, over twenty six thousand followers, and Shroud is currently playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to an incredibly busy chat.

It should be noted that Twitch is still the leader in terms of numbers right now, with fifteen million visitors each day. That said, the Microsoft-owned service Mixer is growing steadily with ten million visitors each month. This is in no small part due to snagging hefty streamers, the largest of which being Fortnite superstar Ninja. However, according to a report from VentureBeat, Mixer is still struggling to catch up to Twitch’s staggering numbers with growth after nabbing Ninja slowing, after a healthy rise increase in users after the initial Ninja acquisition.

We do not have any details of the deal supposedly struck by Shroud to move to Mixer, though we know that when speaking of Ninja moving to Mixer he stated this was the ‘best decision he’d ever made’.

Twitch, as they did with Ninja, have reacted quickly again and already removed Shroud’s verified mark. It is yet to be seen if they will repurpose Shroud’s channel like they did for Ninja’s.