Ubisoft Sues Rainbow Six Siege cheat maker

Caveira from Rainbow six seige

Ubisoft has filed a lawsuit against MizuSoft which, it claims, has been selling cheat software to Rainbow Six Siege players.

According to the lawsuit, MizuSoft has been selling software that gave Rainbow Six Siege players the ability to boost their weapon damage, artificially expand their field of vision and see hidden enemies. According to Polygon, MizuSoft was charging up to $77 per month for licences for its cheat software, which on its (now taken down) website, it called Budget Edition Rainbow Six: Siege Cheat, bragging on the defunct site that it had a: “Clean detection record.”

Ubisoft’s lawsuit alleged that: “The Cheating Software has been downloaded and used by R6S players thousands of times. Ubisoft is also informed and believes that Defendants have made hundreds of thousands of dollars from their distribution of, and sale of licenses to, the Cheating Software.”

One catalyst behind the lawsuit appears to have been a BBC report on Rainbow Six Siege cheats, in which a Rainbow Six Siege cheat-hacker was said to be pulling n roughly £1,500 per week and admitted he would have a “tough time” defending his conduct if Ubisoft sued him.

In July, Ubisoft announced a crackdown on an exploit that allowed Rainbow Six Siege players to induce lag in their opponents by abusing the game’s chat system. Its lawsuit against MizuSoft seeks restitution of: “Unlawful proceeds” and various other financial damages, and has already succeeded in halting the website’s operations. For the official take on the latest Rainbow Six Siege news, head to the game’s website.

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