Death Stranding’s launch trailer released, it’s eight minutes long

Mads Mikkelson in Death Stranding

Death Stranding is nearly here, the first game from Hideo Kojima after leaving Konami, and to celebrate Kojima Productions have released a final trailer for the game.

You’ll want to grab a comfy seat for the trailer, because it clocks in at almost eight minutes long, making it the longest launch trailer in this writers’ memory at least.

Death Stranding is a game about rebuilding America after the cities and communities that make it up have become isolated. The protagonist of the game is Sam Porter Bridges, played by Norman Reedus, who works to connect people and communities and build bridges between people. Which is lucky given his name. He’s also accompanied by a baby, ladders, and apparently a boundless bladder – one that even has gameplay and multiplayer consequences.

If you’ve been avoiding Death Stranding information this trailer may be a little confusing, but there’s a cavalcade of trailers and information out there right now, from previous trailers, to announcements of characters such as ‘Heartman’ being announced. You may see some familiar faces in the trailer, as Kojima Productions have brought on many friends of Hideo Kojima to play parts, from Conan O’Brien to fan-favourite Mads Mikkelsen.

Other than the rough shape of the game we have yet to really see the game in action with any granular detail, though review copies are in the wild so a critical consensus appears to be in the works for the games’ launch. 
Death Stranding is coming to PlayStation 4 on the eighth of November, 2019, but as we reported earlier in the week the game is confirmed as coming to PC. We don’t have specifics of launch platform or of a release date, but Summer 2020 is the current consensus thanks to the announcement tweet.