BlizzCon 2019’s biggest announcements

Diablo IV reveal at Blizzcon 2019

Every year Blizzard hosts a colossal shindig in Anaheim, California, to celebrate Blizzard’s games and also give some talks and information about what’s coming next. This year’s BlizzCon has just finished, taking place between the first and third of November, and there’s been a tonne of information about what Blizzard is planning. Here are some of the highlights.

Overwatch 2

We had some hints about this over recent days but now Overwatch 2 has been confirmed as in the works. The main focus won’t just be on the competitive multiplayer, Overwatch 2 will see a host of co-op options and PvE modes included.

Diablo 4

The sequel to Diablo 3 sees the series go darker and scarier with returning demon Lilith making her bloody entrance in the cinematic trailer. The game will feature a non-linear open-world campaign where you’ll encounter other players out and about, making the game more multiplayer than ever before.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

The next expansion for World of Warcraft sees the game being changed up in huge ways. Not only are we off to the world of the dead to find out what long-running antihero (and maybe villain) Sylvanas has been up to, but the game is getting a squish in levels. Currently, players level to 120, but that’s being changed to just 60 for the expansion. In addition, players can level through any expansion instead of following a set path through the years of additions.

Hearthstone: Descent of Dragons

Dragons, dragons, and more dragons. Got a dragon card in Hearthstone? Chances are it’s getting a big upgrade and this expansion will double down on everything drake-like.

Overall it’s been a busy weekend for Blizzard, if you want to check out the panels or detailed information from the event, you can head over to the BlizzCon 2019 website for more info.