Fortnite YouTuber Faze Jarvis permanently banned

Faze Jarvis in his apology video

If you’re a regular Fortnite player, you might have come across YouTuber Faze Jarvis, who for over a year now has been creating regular Fortnite content that has seen him gain over two million subscribers on the video network.

That may all now come to an end. As of the third of November this year, Faze Jarvis has received a permanent ban from Fortnite for using an aimbot in the Solos battle royale mode.

Jarvis announced the ban in a video where he apologised for the usage of cheat software. “It didn’t even cross my mind to think that I could be banned for life on Fortnite for those videos,” Jarvis said. “I should have paid more attention to the community rules and the TOS of Fortnite.”

The videos in question didn’t hide that he was using an aimbot, a tool that allows the weapon to hit enemies without having to aim properly, instead Jarvis used the aimbot as the focus of a video whilst playing on an alt account. You can see him sniping distant enemies in the Solos mode, with barely any aiming required.

Despite professing ignorance of the Fortnite Community Rules and EULA, using an aimbot is a well-known cheat and the use of one is always done at the users’ own risk. Both documents clearly state that any cheating can risk a permanent ban, something that maybe Jarvis should’ve been aware of before using a cheat, recording it, and then showing it to millions of subscribers.

Epic Games have recently upped the tempo of their moderation and protections around Fortnite, with this ban being one of the most high profile of recent actions taken both in-game and in the courts of law.