China Introduces Curfews and Spending Limits for Online Games

Chinese players playing online games

The Chinese Government recently announced that they will be imposing new restrictions for minors on online games, in order to combat ‘ Gaming Addiction‘.

The new rules will prevent young gamers from playing online between the hours of 10 pm and 8 am. Along with this they will also be restricted to only 90 minutes of gaming on a weekday with 3 hours per day on weekends.

The restrictions won’t stop there though, in regulations released by the National Press and Publication Administration, 16-18-year-olds will only be allowed to spend up to 400 yuan (£44/$57) per month and younger players 200 yuan (£22/$29) a month.

The new regulations will come with stricter rules for online registration as well. Currently, mobile phones are used to register, but this can easily be circumvented by using a parent’s mobile phone number. The new rules will require “valid identity information” to set up online accounts. The government has also advised that game companies will need to supervise their players more as well with licenses being revoked if they do not comply.

A representative for the State press and administration publication said that although online gaming satisfies the people’s needs for leisure and is capable of “enriching the people’s spiritual and cultural life” he also claims that it causes issues that “affect the physical and mental health and normal learning and life of minors”

This is, however, not the first time that China has come down on video games and gaming habits. Online gaming was also blamed for shortsightedness in children. In 2016 they proposed regulations to protect minors online, which covered a lot of the same areas as these new rules.

The Chinese Government claims that these new rules are an attempt to fight gaming addiction, despite recent research suggesting that ‘Gaming Disorder’ should not have its own classification.

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