Skybolt Zack launches on PC and Nintendo Switch

Skybolt Zack Logo

The world’s first “Button-Dasher” Skybolt Zack releases today on PC and Nintendo Switch, born out of a student project, developers DEVS MUST DIE have launched a game that looks and feels like a rhythm platformer.

As many players recently discovered though, during the Crowd Scoring demo event, it uses a range of dash and homing attacks to allow players to stay airborne whilst navigating the multiple routes through each level.

The Nintendo Switch release of Skybolt Zack also marks the first console published game for the Green Man Gaming publishing team.

Skybolt Zack has already received some great reviews including 10/10 from Pixel Magazine saying it’s “A game that I can recommend to the whole family, as it offers an easy start, but also for veterans is not boring by the self-selectable difficulty” and Culture Vulture calling it a “solid offering that will appeal to players looking for something they can play over and over again to perfect their best time or score.”

Skybolt Zack is available on the Nintendo Switch from their store or for PC from Steam or Green Man Gaming.