Echo Fox esports Organisation Officially ‘Gone’

Rick Fox, Former owner of Echo Fox esports team

Echo Fox, the prominent esports organisation founded in 2015, has been officially confirmed as being defunct. Set up by NBA player, actor, and entrepreneur Rick Fox, the organisation has been apparently non-operational for some time with old designs on their website, broken links, and no activity on their YouTube channel for two months. The confirmation that Echo Fox is ‘gone’ came from a spokesperson for an Echo Fox investor who spoke to esports site

The spokesperson acting on behalf of an Echo Fox investor, speaking to said: “There is no Echo Fox. It’s gone”. The spokesperson continued: “All the players were let go. The staff was terminated. The logo and uniform, they’re now a collector’s item.” 

This comes after a turbulent phase for Echo Fox, with a much-publicised rift between Rick Fox and the company after reports of racist language being used by other investors. Fox returned to the fold quickly after the rift, but a cavalcade of events swiftly followed, with Riot requesting removal of the offending investor, the loss of Echo Fox’s LCS slot, and lawsuits appearing in the wake of these events.

Despite continuing to have a successful roster of fighting game players. including superstar SonicFox, this hasn’t been enough to recoup losses or continue paying staff and player salaries. 

Regarding the future of Echo Fox as a brand and an esports organisation, the spokesperson refused to rule out building up the company again. That said, at the time of writing there are no plans for an Echo Fox revival and the name is defunct. Rick Fox, however, has moved on and is reportedly exploring a venture with the CEO of Twin Galaxies, and he’s also busy spending considerable time in League of Legends.