X019 Roundup – The biggest announcements from Microsoft’s show

X019 London

X019 has started and is now entering its second day. There’s loads more to come in the yearly Xbox celebration held here in London, but during the Inside Xbox Livestream on the opening day we got a huge amount of information and announcements about what’s coming up.

If you don’t have two hours to devote to watching the whole thing, here’s everything that was announced during day one:

Grounded, a survival game from Obsidian

Set in a back garden, Grounded sees you play as a miniature child lost in the wilderness of the giant yard. Grounded will enter Early Access in Spring 2020.

Wasteland 3 gets a May 2020 release date

The next game in the revitalised Wasteland RPG series from InXile will be released on May the 19th, 2020.

Halo: Reach comes to PC on December the 3rd

Just a few weeks away, the prequel to the original Halo series will be released on December the 3rd, and will be the first part of the Master Chief Collection to launch on PC.

Age of Empires 4 gameplay footage

We got to see a little bit of the upcoming Age of Empires 4, which, after the remasters of the original two games, will no doubt be in high demand.

Final Fantasy 7-15 to come to Xbox Game Pass PC

If you’re signed up to Xbox Game Pass, you’ll get access to every Final Fantasy game between 7-15 (except for the multiplayer 11) soon.

Project xCloud comes to PC

Microsoft’s game streaming platform, allowing you to play Xbox and PC games on your mobile device, was announced to be coming to PC in 2020.

Rare announces Everwild

A brand new name and a brand new game, Rare haven’t announced much about this past the name and a mood piece, but we’re sure we’ll be getting more information soon.

Minecraft Dungeons coming April 2020

The Minecraft spinoff that puts an isometric dungeon crawling spin on the Minecraft universe will release during the month of April next year.

‘Tell Me Why’ is next from Dontnod

Set in Alaska, two twins use their bond to unravel the mysteries of their childhood, in this new adventure game from the Life is Strange developers. All chapters will be released in Summer 2020.

Drake Hollow announced

The next game from The Flame in the Flood devs, Drake Hollow is an action village-building game set in a fantasy universe. 

West of Dead stars Ron Perlman

As the gravelly tones in the trailer show, Ron Perlman will voice this new twin-stick shooter. No release date as of yet, other than sometime in 2020.

New Tall Tale and flaming cannonballs come to Sea of Thieves

The next update for Sea of Thieves will feature a spooky new Tall Tale, and also some flaming cannonballs to pelt foes with.

Ninja Theory’s Bleeding Edge gets March release date

The hero brawler being developed by legendary developers Ninja Theory will be released on March the 24th, 2020.

A lot going on, and that’s just day one. We’ll be keeping our eyes on X019 and will have the latest scoops for you, right on the Newsroom.