No Man’s Sky Synthesis brings hundreds of changes

No Man's Sky update screenshot

The Synthesis Update for No Man’s Sky, or if you prefer numbers, version 2.2, is set to bring a huge amount of changes to the game. Based on community feedback, the changes are what players have been asking for.

Coming after several well-received updates that have changed the fan consensus of the game, the Synthesis Update for No Man’s Sky will introduce many improvements, both small and large. You can check out the full rundown here, but here are the highlights:

Starship Upgrades – Players will be able to add inventory slots to ships, or just upgrade its class.

Starship Salvaging – Unwanted ships hanging around? Scrap them for resources.

Terrain Editing Improvements – The whole terrain editing system is getting a revamp, with new effects and restore and flatten modes.

Protected Terrain – Terrain edits within bases are protected from regeneration, in addition, the protected edit system has been improved.

Custom Outfits – Players will be able to save customised outfits for quick swaps.

First person Exocraft – All Exocraft will be pilotable in first person.

VR Parity – All updates will be shared across both versions of the game, with VR getting access to Photo Mode and Creature Riding.

Space Map – The space map is going to be updated for clarity and ease of use.

And that’s all before we get onto the myriad Quality of Life improvements, UI updates, Inventory improvements, New Technologies, new Base Parts, a better Discovery system, more storage, better base building, a Personal Refiner, the ability to have multiple Multi-Tools, and much more.
You can head over to the No Man’s Sky website for all the bug fixes and improvements you can shake a Multi-Tool at. We don’t have a date for the release just yet, but we’ll be keeping an eye on the heavens for more news.