Outside Xbox charity single raises money for UK charity Mind

Oxventures guild

Ah Christmas. Presents under the tree, a roaring log fire, sprouts hidden under napkins, and Christmas singles in the charts. This year is no exception, with the gang over at Outside Xbox and Outside Xtra releasing a Dungeons & Dragons charity single that aims to raise funds for UK mental health charity, Mind.

The Oxventurers Guild, a roleplaying group made up of people from both Outside Xbox and Outside Xtra, have banded together not to fight dragons or seduce goblins for the holidays, but instead have penned an ode to their trusty dungeon master, Johnny Chiodini from tabletop site Dicebreaker.

The single – Literally Everyone Else in the World – available on iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play, and Spotify, sings a tale about the bravery and fortitude required to be, well, literally everyone else in the world. A Herculean task any seasoned dungeon master must tackle as they provide barkeeps, erudite skeletons, and evil warlocks for their team of dungeon crawling friends. It only costs 99p to pick it up, and it’s currently at the top of the Amazon music chart. Hopefully, it’ll break into the UK Top 40 this week as well.

The Oxventurers aren’t just raising funds through their single, with a live stream and a Justgiving page hitting (at the time of writing) £41,000 for the mental health charity. That’s 416% over their original goal of £10,000. 
Mind is a UK based mental health charity which provides support about mental health issues, helps raises awareness of mental health issues, and lobbies local and national government on mental health issues. Their current campaigns tackle workplace stress, tackling victimisation and assault of people with mental health issues, looking into poverty caused by mental health problems, and a campaign that helps to provide those affected by mental health issues independence. For more information about the good work Mind does, head on over to their website.