GTFO enters Early Access next week

GTFO Gameplay Screenshot

GTFO is an upcoming horror co-op shooter, and despite the name on December the 9th you’ll be able to GTF-in when the game enters Early Access.

The game so far has been limited to a closed Alpha, but next week the game will enter Early Access allowing everyone who picks it up a chance to try out the horror-themed tactical stealth and gunplay gameplay. If you want a closer look at GTFO, the developers released over nine minutes of footage, albeit taken from an earlier build:

One new feature being added to the GTFO Early Access build is The Rundown, a system whereby players fight through a series of rotating maps. Players will be given ‘work orders’, instructing them to fight through different maps linked through a vast underground complex which players will have to fight through against a time limit. When that time limit ends, a new work order is issued with a new rotation of maps. The time limits can vary from a few weeks to months, matching the difficulty of the missions and the rotation you’re tasked with.

We don’t have information at this time about how long the Early Access period will be before the game hits a full release, but as stated in an interview over on our blog, developers 10 Chambers aren’t planning on rushing through Early Access. That said, the developers will be posting a publicly available roadmap, so fans can keep an eye on what the current status of the project is. This will be viewable over on the GTFO website.

GTFO will enter Early Access on Monday the 9th of December stay tuned to find out more.