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What we know so far about Prey (2017)’s main character – Morgan Yu

Prey is the upcoming first person shooter and sci-fi game from the team at Bethesda, developed by Arkane Studios.

Prey - Morgan Yu
Prey - Morgan Yu

The Prey story revolves around the space station, Talos 1 and the takeover of the alien race, the Typhon. The TranStar, a corporation who have been using Talos 1 to harness the Typhon’s unique set of abilities, has lost control of their operation and instead Talos 1 is stranded in the desolate atmosphere, swamped by the eerie black entities.

This is where you come in, as the Prey main character, Morgan Yu. You discover early on that you are aboard Talos 1, working with the TranStar, standing proudly in your uniform to help the team carry out their experiments.

At the start of the game, you can choose your gender, opting for a male or female Morgan. Waking peacefully in your room, you quickly realise not everything is as it seems and your tranquil life aboard the space station soon spirals out of control as you're thrust into a nightmare.

Prey- skill tree
Prey - skill tree

The Prey main character is defined by how you play the game. With a ‘skill system’ in place, you are able to choose your own path. You will be able to create a personality for Morgan, progressing through the game, surviving and fighting in your own way. With a large bank of weapons at the ready including the gloo cannon, shotgun and pistol, there are plenty of options to play the way you want. This extends to how you access different areas of Talos 1 and take on Typhon abilities.

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Prey Weapons

As you’re thrust into Prey and the increasingly darkening reality of main character Morgan Yu, the good news is there are a series of powerful weapons waiting for you on board Talos 1.


Prey: Typhon Abilities

The highly anticipated Prey 2017 will be arriving this May on PC, Xbox One and PS4. A hands on with the game gave us a better look into the game’s mechanics, including the weapons and setting.


The Story of Prey

Prey is a first person psychological shooter announced for 2017. You’ll take on the role of Morgan Yu who mysteriously wakes up on the space station - Talos 1.

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